In the car industry the measurement device Labscan (ISRA Vision) is a well known machine. The labscan measures the optical quality of laminated windshields. Especially OEMs own one. With the labscan one can see in great detail what the optical quality of the glass is. With filters one can focus on certain areas. For example an area for an ADAS camera placement.
In the car-industry ISRA by now is the norm for measuring optical quality of the glass. Distortion is shown in color and in numbers (milidioptry).

To check our products we bought a Labscan. Customers can get a good image if wanted of the optical quality of the glasses we made. For us it is a good device to help us find the most optimal parameters for a project.

Apart from measuring our own glass, there is also a possibility for 3rd parties to use our equipment for measuring their glass. It gives them the opportunity to gather information about lots of things that can help a company further. E.g. one can see the influence of certain productionprocesses on the quality of the product. If you are interested in these possibilities or would like to get a quote, I invite you to contact us.