Welcome to DK Prototyping for Automotive Glass DK specialises in making car windows for prototypes and concept cars. The ovens developed by ourselves and our other machines allow us to produce high-quality car windows quickly in small numbers.

DK develops new applications for car windows and offers support to car manufacturers and their suppliers in the field of innovation. Three points are central: comfort, design and CO2 reduction.

Bart Driehuis
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These are our strengths

Car window concept

DK makes it possible to work with real glass, even within the time pressure that exists between design and exhibition.

Prototype windows
At DK, we have a command of innovative technology in the area of car windows, such as Head-up Display and invisible heating.
Product support

DK helps car industry suppliers test and develop products.

Safety glass
All windows produced by DK are made from safety glass.
Heated and ComforGlass
DK ComforGlass represents cutting-edge technology in the field of car windows.
DK has various coating application techniques with which you can give your car window special properties.

DK can fit windows with diverse add-on products, such as mirror supports, rain sensors, decorative strips, etc.


DK is a true leader when it comes to innovation. We continuously improve our production processes and advanced techniques.