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DK Autoglas
DK Autoglas
D&K Automotive Glass is a versatile company that develops unique car windows for prototypes. Working from CAD data supplied by our clients, we can produce a window or series of windows from start to finish, including integration of rain sensors, antennas, heating in both front and rear windows, and other advanced technologies.
The automotive industry applies very high standards to its products. Safety, sustainability and protecting the environment play a key role in developing the car models of the future.
Using our in-house tooling, we are able to treat standard glass sheets to manufacture state-of-the-art car windows. All conceivable types of glass are possible, from tempered safety glass (ESG) to heat-strengthened glass (TVG) or laminated safety glass (VSG).
Various types of heating systems can be installed in car windows:
  • Silver screen print applied on the window
  • Ultra-thin tungsten wire incorporated into the PVB film between the two layers of a laminated window
  • High-resistance coating in the form of a thin chromium layer
As the demand for communication facilities in cars grows, windows are increasingly being used as carriers of receivers and antennas. We can integrate silver screen prints or ultra-thin wires into car windows to enable the transmission of signals to various devices.
On behalf of manufacturers, we also test technologies in the development phase to find out if they can be applied in practice. In this way we help our clients to gain a technical lead on their competitors. Products tested include acoustic PVB film and coatings developed in‑house for anti-fog and heating applications.
We are able to manufacture car windows for prototypes by means of gravity bending, but we also have a press-bending system at our disposal to provide all-round service.
D&K’s strength lies in supplying high quality quickly and at significantly lower prices than a series supplier. We are able to do this by maintaining full control of the entire process, from the initial drawings to delivery of the finished product. Because we have back-up equipment in place for all our essential systems, we are able to achieve greater productivity while ensuring that we only need to depend on third parties in emergencies.
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